Raytek MiniTemp


Infrared (IR) thermometers have become the preferred tool for diagnostics and inspection. Raytek IR thermometers are valued by professionals in a variety of industries—from industrial maintenance to food service, because they quickly, accurately and safely measure surface temperature! Anywhere that temperature is a factor in process, product quality or diagnostics, a Raytek IR thermometer should be close at hand. IR thermometers are easy to use, and since they don’t contact the object being measured, they are the safest way to measure hot, hard-to-reach, ormoving parts, while eliminating potential damage and contamination. The Raytek MiniTemp MT2 and the MiniTemp MT4 are entry-level IR thermometers that incorporate many of the same features found in professional IR thermometers. The MiniTemp is perfect for auto enthusiasts performing self diagnostics and for those tackling home improvement projects. Use it for spotting costly energy losses around windows and doors, monitoring critical temperatures in kitchen or workshop, or ensuring that your environment is comfortable and safe. Just pull the trigger! The MiniTemp shows the temperature in an instant on its large, backlit display. The simple to use MiniTemp becomes even easier to operate when aiming with the Laser Point™ (MT4). The Raytek MiniTemp: Smart, Simple, Safe— Convenient!

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