Fluke 7103


World’s smallest portable calibration baths· Calibrates sensors of any size or shape  Stability to ±0.015°C · Ranges from -30°C to 200°C Need portability and extreme stability? Hart Micro-Baths have both. Hart invented the Micro-Bath. And, while many have tried to duplicate it, none of them use proprietary Hart Scientific controllers, so none of them deliver performance like a Hart bath. Micro-Baths can be used anywhere for any type of sensor.

The 7103 weighs less than 4.5 kg (10 lbs), with the fluid. It’s lighter and smaller than most dry-wells, has a spill-proof lid, and is easier to carry than your lunch. You can take it where you need to go without carts or excessive effort. Micro-Baths can even be transported with the fluid in them.Wherever you go with your Micro-Bath, you can count on its performance. Each model is stable to ±0.03°C or better, depending on the fluid you use. Uniformity is ±0.02°C or better for low uncertainties using a reference thermometer. Display accuracy has been improved to ±0.25°C for quick calibrations without a reference thermometer. In short, you get the stability and precision of a liquid bath in a dry-well-sized package. Don’t be fooled by competitors who pour oil into a dry-well and call it a bath. Hart Micro-Baths are maximized for true fluid-bath performance with a 48 mm (1.9-inch) diameter, 140 mm (5.5-inch) deep tank, a Micro-Bath can calibrate any type of sensor including short, square, or odd-shaped sensors. The problems of fit and immersion are virtually eliminated by using a fluid medium rather than a dry-block calibrator. Micro-Baths are perfect for liquid-in-glass and bimetal thermometers.

The 7103 has a temperature range from 35°C to 200°C, the 7102 covers -5°C to 125°C, and the 7103 extends from -30°C to 125°C. Stability, uniformity, and accuracy specifications cover the entire range for each bath, not just the best temperature.

All Micro-Baths have RS-232 ports, come with Hart’s Interface-it software, and can be used with Hart’s MET/TEMP II software. Also included are contacts to calibrate a thermal switch, eight set-point memory storage, ramp-rate adjust, and over-temperature safety cutout. You may have noticed that Hart hasn’t touted their CFC-free refrigeration. Yes, cold Micro-Baths are CFC-free, and also compressor-free. That’s right-no heavy, noisy compressor to lug around. Hart achieves their temperature range and stability with only one moving part. This means more durability and less weight. Hart manufactures and sells temperature calibration baths of every size and shape, and now have the smallest and lightest baths in the industry to go with the dozens of other models they make.

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