About us

INSCO, is dedicated to provide the highest standards in calibration and certification of measurement devices. For two decades in the market, INSCO has been committed to providing honesty and dependability; and we master this by assuring the two primary elements in our laboratory: equipment and personnel. Our dedication to improvement and quality drives us to the latest in technology. State of the art equipment that provides high resolution and precision is a fundamental part of our laboratories.
INSCO provides a full range of calibration services to meet the needs for accuracy and consistency of quality programs in Manufacturing Industries and Scientific R&D. The National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) accreditation under the specific lab code 200508-0 provides third-party accreditation in full conformance with the standards described in NIST HB 150.
INSCO laboratories provide the highest quality services and FDA compliance to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries that require strict adherence to NIST policies. Our excellent laboratory facilities, primary standards, quality assurance program coupled with the lasted technology and NIST trained technicians assure the excellent service at the best price.
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